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KidKorner™ Baby Bottle Warmer Multi function

KidKorner™ Baby Bottle Warmer Multi function

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KidKorner™Multi-Function Baby Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer, the ultimate companion to simplify your parenting journey and make it more convenient than ever before.

Key Features KidKorner™Baby bottle warmer:

Fast and Efficient Heating: Say goodbye to long waiting times. Our Multi-Function Warmer rapidly heats bottles, ensuring your baby's milk is ready within minutes.

Precise Temperature Control: Your baby's comfort matters most. With accurate temperature control, you can select the perfect warmth for your milk or formula, ensuring every feeding experience is soothing and enjoyable.

Nutrient-Preserving Milk Warming:Convenience meets nutrition. Our bottle warmer is thoughtfully designed to gently warm liquids, preserving essential nutrients in breast milk or formula – the ideal choice for health-conscious parents.

Gentle and Even Heating: Our gentle warming process not only saves you time but also preserves the crucial nutrients in breast milk and formula, offering the best nourishment for your little one.

Sterilization for Peace of Mind: Safety is our top priority. Our Multi-Function Warmer doubles as a sterilizer, ensuring your baby's bottles and accessories are thoroughly sanitized, providing you with peace of mind during each use.

Simplify your parenting routine with this all-in-one accessory, designed to make life easier for modern parents like you.

"Why Choose Our Baby Bottle Warmer KidKorner™?

Save Time and Effort: Tired of waiting for water to boil or dealing with inconsistent heating? Our bottle warmer is your solution for quick, hassle-free bottle prep, allowing you to prioritize what truly matters – your baby.

Happy Baby, Happy Parents: A warm bottle equals a content baby. With our bottle warmer, you'll enjoy serene feeding times, free from the stress of temperature-related challenges.

Travel-Friendly: Designed to be compact and portable, our bottle warmer is the ideal companion for busy, on-the-go parents. It's a must-have addition for your outings and trips.

Experience convenience, contentment, and versatility with our Baby Bottle Warmer. Make every moment of parenthood more enjoyable.


  • 【Double Bottle】: Extra large space to accommodate 2 bottles at the same time, warm milk and warm water, ideal for bottles of all sizes and materials, also suitable for milk bags and baby food, very suitable for twin feeding, conventient to use and time-saving. Making baby feeding easier.
  • 【Smart Touch Screen & Temperature Accuracy】: Bottle warmer for breastmilk with LED screen and touch button, show the preset temperature for you in constant temperature, preset the feeding time on the late nights and early mornings. Accurate heating time can be precisely adjusted to 1 minute. Accurate temperature can be precisely adjusted to 1°C.
  • 【Timer & Automatic Power-Off】: Our milk warmer is made of food grade pp material. Timing system allows mom to accurately calculate the heating time. If water dry out, it will turn off automatically to make it safer for busy moms to use.
  • 【24h Thermostat System】: The portable bottle warmer could keep breastmilk and baby food at a constant temperature. Constant temperature mode could keep the temperature of preset for up to 24 hours. You could feed your baby day and night conveniently. Note: The package does not contain baby bottles.


стокові фото, фото роялті-фрі та зображення на тему портрет усміхненого чорного лікаря, який робить перевірку для маленького хлопчика - pediatrician Dr. Brown's recommend KidKorner™Baby Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer to anyone looking for a fast, efficient, and versatile bottle warmer. It's a great investment for new parents who want to make feeding time as easy and stress-free as possible.

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